Successfully organized a seminar

Recently, Dream Sky organized a seminar on educating the students about the benefits of IELTS and PTE exams. We successfully accomplished the goal and educated hundreds of students about the benefits of communication skills, personality development and other available sources to them. Some of our core team members did a fantastic job educating them and we have already received lots of compliments from the people.

What was the agenda?

As well as allowing you to meet the IELTS team and discuss your situation with them, the seminar includes the following presentations:

  • An overview of the IELTS: Including test format, scoring system and content
  • Test validity and reliability: Delivered by a representative of Dream Sky faculty
  • Standard setting: A chance to see what the band scores really mean in terms of student performance
  • Security: An overview of the many aspects of IELTS security
  • UKVI changes: An update on the current situation with regard to these changes


Through this seminar, we help prepare lots of students to overcome their own fear. If you have missed the seminar, don’t worry.  You can also learn from the strategies that we have developed to help you with the listening, reading and writing sections of the IELTS exam. Understand how your test is marked and know what to expect on the test day. This is also a great opportunity to ask the IELTS expert questions about the test. Visit our website