Generally, many of the people want to get the visa of United State of America. DREAMSKY is one of the prestigious institute that helps you to go US, because we follow the categories offered by the admistration of US


1. F:- It is for the students who want to study in approved universities, colleges or who wish to study English at various English language institutes. International students can do part-time (20 hours per week while studies and 40 hours per week during vacations).

2. J:- It is an exchange visa for those who wish to enhance their practical knowledge for their academic programs which are not available in their native nation. Students get similar employment as F-visa holders.

3. M:- It includes student visa for non-academic or vocational study and training in united states.

For eligibility of the categories, one’s should be accepted by SEVIS because the US does not have a centralized university application system, so one’s should need to apply in interested colleges simultaneously fulfill every institution’s admission requirement. Once you have been accepted by institution, the university will enroll you in SEVIS system and you will sent a SEVIS generated document, which shows that you are eligible for various categories visa.